Webinar: Engaging Patients on Their Payment Journey

Does your Payments Solution Measure Up? 

RevSpring Partner Webinar


About the Webinar

We know the world of patient responsibility payments can be complex. If your solution is not broken, why make a change? Sometimes the reason revolves around the patient experience while other times it is simple economics. 

Azalea and its partner, RevSpring, will help you explore the benefits of making a change vs. the effort it takes to switch. 

In this webinar you will learn from payment experts how:

  • A personalized payment experience increases pay rates, self-service rates and eBill adoption
  • Key merchant services concepts to help you decide if you have the right terms and rate structure
  • To cut your manual reconciliation time in half
  • To overcome perceived switching barriers

Meet the Speaker: Marlen Prato, Sr. Product Manager

Marlen brings over 20 years’ experience in payment processing with various roles supporting eCommerce Products and Strategic Operations for Enterprise customers. Marlen is responsible for the strategic product direction for RevSpring’s merchant services offering including processing services and gateways, hardware devices, and automated reconciliation tools.


About Azalea Health:

Azalea Health is changing the way health IT platforms connect community-based healthcare providers and patients across the lifecycle of care. Offering a 100% cloud-based integrated solution, Azalea delivers award-winning EHR and RCM designed to increase practice and hospital patient care and profitability. Quick to deploy and intuitive to use, Azalea solutions ensure better care coordination and communication – enabling better outcomes and a meaningful competitive advantage. For more information, visit Azalea’s About Us page.

About RevSpring:

Azalea Health and RevSpring are in a partnership to create easy, precise conversations between providers and patients to help them understand and fulfill their financial obligations. 
RevSpring can help Azalea customers offer an integrated payment platform which includes a  patient-centric payment portal, payment processing, posting, and reconciliation. Through this partnership, RevSpring has further enhanced the functionality of your Azalea solution.

Visit https://revspringinc.com/azalea/ to learn more about our partnership, joint solutions, and product demonstrations.


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