Driving ROI

The Business Case for a Cloud-Based EHR System for Rural Health Clinics

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Hobson & Company, a leading research firm focused on return on investment (ROI) studies, worked with Azalea Health, a leading provider of cloud-based EHR and RCM services, to explore these challenges and learn how RHCs are responding. Hobson & Company conducted independent research consisting of in-depth interviews with Azalea Health customers and found that Azalea Health’s Ambulatory EHR and RCM addressed specific customer challenges to deliver a quick and compelling ROI.

Based on this analysis, a Rural Health Clinic with 8 providers and spending $170,000 per year on Hospital EHR and RCM would pay back the cost of the Azalea Health investment in 5.1 months and generate an ROI of 117% over three years. The goal of this research study is to highlight examples of validated use cases where the impact of the Azalea Health’s EHR and RCM solutions are not only strategic but measurable, based on key metrics confirmed by current users

In this you'll whitepaper you'll find:

- Top challenges faced by Rural Health Clinics

- 7 Ways our EHR saved customers time, money, and resources

- How customers generated an ROI of 117% over just three years

- Lessons on how technology can improve the quality of care delivery

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