You No Longer Have To Suffer From A Broken Heart

Have you experienced endless promises that things will be better, customer support that doesn't actually support you, and lack of training and communication?

With Azalea Health's solution, you can finally fall back in love with your EHR, spend more time with patients, and less time troubleshooting.

“I would say that Azalea has honestly been a Godsend. It not only saved my practice when it needed it to be saved, it has allowed me to grow and grow and grow.” Dr. Brian Griner, Griner Medical Group
“We love their customer service. If we don’t understand something we can give them a call and they answer. We don’t have to leave a message and wait on a call back. It’s like the greatest thing ever.” Shanitra Holloway, Office Manager
“The hospitals I work with really value customer service – we work on it daily with our patients. So it is refreshing to find an organization that has the same value as we do.” Sandy Majors, ER Hospital Group
“We chose Azalea Health’s EHR over other EHR solutions because it’s easy to implement and adapt... We’ve been able to configure Azalea Health’s EHR for multiple workflows without complex coding changes." Vicki Rollins, LADMC

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